17 Nisan 2010 Cumartesi

Hi Ananda!

I am trying to answer your questions about some blogger functions and image uploading.

First of all your page properties :
Post area width: 620px and let to upload max 590 px witdh pictures.
Sidebar area width: 220 px. If you can add some other pictures, advertorials etc. on sidebar, they must be 220 px or less.

Menu bar contains 4 link as you wish: home about recipes and links. I will arrange their links when I upload the theme on your blog. But later you will have to organize them that I will explain you how to.

You can change sidebar elements and their layout on the Layout tab. When you click the "add a gadget" link you will see a lot of gadgets. Anything you want can be added in this way.

Post looking ( whole part or not) can be done by you as others. There is a Insert Jump Break tab on the post editor which updated one. It can be chosen on settings tab. When you add this function on your text (wherever you want) , the post will be otomatically cutted.

And pictures...

Pictures are more important things in a blog as you realized. There are two ways upload pictures on your post. From your computer and from an url. When you upload from your computer, blogger saves the picture on its server and gives a compact looking. The maximum width/height of an image looking ( which are on theme which you are using now)  is 400 px, while new updated editor let this a bit bigger that is 640 px. As I described before your max width must be 590px.  Although the new version of editor lets bigger pictures, but, when you picture is vertical , the maximum height becomes 640 and width becomes smaller. So widths of  horizontal and vertical pictures will be different again ( of course this is valid on the case of rectangular pictures, square pictures would be same)

So my suggestion is to upload pictures via an url. Url uploading pictures look in size what they orginal size are. Also it lets to edit their codes from html version of post.

For example, I will upload one of your pictures.

I opened your picasa link and click on an image. Right click to mouse and copy picture url (or something else like this ). Then come back your post editior and add a picture. Choose url uploading and paste the link of picture you have been copy before.

The picture above has bigger width than our post areas. You can understand it from image border's cutting on the right side. Now to arrange image width, I will add a commend into the codes. If you click edit html, you can see your text and some html codes. The code incluiding image options begins with smaller sign and img ( I add a picture indicating image codes by pink areas)

And I add in the code width information, the image will be look like

As you see, The border of image is completed on the post area. I have shown additional code in the pink area on below picture.

But there is an easy way of course. When you do image settings before you upload to a server (picasa, flickr etc..),you can always arrange the witdth of picture 590px (whatever heights are), so , it does'nt need to change your html codes.


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